Application Modernization Offering

Positively Impacting the Digital Experience for a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company’s Customers

At a glance

Industry: Healthcare

Challenge: Provide a healthcare company’s customers with an end-to-end online experience that makes the highly complex, regulated process of managing one’s own healthcare simple

Offering: Application Modernization


  • Decreased volume of call center support calls by 75% through improved UX of member portal for insurance self-service
  • Enabled rapid roll-out of new product that enabled the company to enroll new customers, going from availability in just 16 states to 26 states in under a year
  • Provided end-to-end support across a range of digital products in the Fortune 50 company’s portfolio

One of the largest managed care organizations in the United States, with more than $150B in annual revenue, has turned to 3Pillar for our expertise on numerous occasions. Our technical acumen and continued excellence helping the company improve existing products and launch new products has made us a valuable partner to them over the course of a multi-year relationship. Our work together directly impacts the patients the organization serves, which includes 28 million managed care members across the United States.


An Online Experience That Left Members Grasping for Answers

Navigating the healthcare insurance maze is a challenge for anyone. It’s especially difficult if customers aren’t provided with a clear, end-to-end digital experience to help manage all of their healthcare needs. This is one of many key challenges we’ve helped the healthcare company overcome during the course of our work together. In one case, one of their member portals that serves more than 3 million customers often left members with more questions than answers. This meant their customer support call centers were a constant source of triage for members who couldn’t meet some of their most basic needs online, like finding a primary care physician or making a payment on a claim.


Creating a Member Portal Experience and Related Guide Portal That Dramatically Increases Self-Service Capabilities

We worked with the healthcare company to completely overhaul one of their legacy platforms, redesigning and rearchitecting their member portal to give members a one-stop shop for all their healthcare solutions. This overhaul required a sophisticated technology approach where we broke their existing monolithic application down into a range of separate microservices, allowing for far more frequent updates to the platform and delivery of a rapid redesign that was both highly scalable and ensured quick delivery of value to their end users.

To complement the member portal redesign, we also developed from the ground up a brand new product called their guide portal. The guide portal is used to help members find and select the right provider.

Thanks to our work together, members can now do everything they need to manage their healthcare in one place, including:

  • Find a relevant in-network provider based on their symptoms and searches
  • Manage all their insurance details, like filing claims and viewing their status, getting referrals for specialists, and making claims payments
  • Quickly and easily make their first buyer payment, the process for which had previously been a big impediment to new members signing up with the company


Reducing Incoming Support Calls and Driving Increased Revenue Through New Member Sign-ups

The new member portal experience provided an immediate return for the healthcare company. Benefits from our work together included:

  • 75% reduction in volume of customer support calls, representing millions of dollars saved annually in customer service
  • Delivery of an onboarding solution for new customers that led to a dramatic increase in binder payments

The results they have seen from the redesign of the member portal have spurred them to begin shifting all of their legacy platforms to the same member portal experience we re-architected for them.