In 2020, Fortune partnered with 3Pillar Global to build Fortune Connect – a unique membership community connecting high-potential executives with like-minded people to make businesses better. With the pandemic fundamentally changing business, live events, and networking, Fortune needed to diversify their revenue streams and innovate to retain and grow their audiences. From idea to revenue generation in just 6 months, watch this video to learn more about the Connect story.

This is not the only successful partnership between 3Pillar and Fortune. Prior to building Connect, 3Pillar enabled Fortune to graduate from a magazine with a website, to a leading omnichannel content delivery company. This was done within a six month timeframe and delivered rich multimedia experiences and monetization capabilities. Read more about the story below.

It’s never too late: Bringing Fortune into the future

In 2019, Fortune had reached a pivotal moment. It had been a pedigree magazine with a legacy website for years. They had survived the digital disruption of print publishing and were keeping up based on high-quality articles, audience loyalty, and brand recognition. But the world was watching, and it was time to get ahead and lead.

Internally, they underwent a cultural shift, now identifying as a digital media company with an urgent need for digital media platforms. Facing a heavy lift and an aggressive six-month timeline, they needed a strategic partner to rapidly ramp up a development team and close their product gap. With our Product Mindset and successful track record minimizing time to value, 3Pillar Global was the ideal fit.

Building essential products behind the paywall: Moving to a premium model

Before diversifying and differentiating their content portfolio, Fortune needed to build delivery mechanisms across channels, united by a cohesively branded and seamlessly curated user journey. It was critical to maintain brand standards and deliver subscription-worthy content in novel formats.

3Pillar set out to develop a digital ecosystem — customizing and scaling the API to serve clients and create new revenue streams.


  • Fortune On-Demand, a best-in-class video hub, including a custom CMS for video assets to be delivered behind the paywall
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps with a custom content API to deliver all magazine content, digital content, newsletters, and video

From print to possibilities: A fortunate digital media leader

A year later, Fortune is operating a robust digital ecosystem with a consistent look and feel. Engagement is up, and the highly-used products have positioned Fortune for continued expansion and growth, inspiring the launch of a new revenue stream for premium virtual events and master classes.