Over a multiyear strategic partnership, a customer loyalty and engagement program partner grew from a data analytics startup that leveraged our expertise to close deals to serving a portfolio of household-name brands.


Amplifying and automating customer loyalty and engagement

Running a successful customer loyalty and engagement program requires crunching a ton of data with ingestion across sources, including omnichannel booking and transaction systems. It’s a daunting process for the majority of internal engineering teams, necessitating a strong product partner.

The client needed to bring in product expertise to support and accelerate their core platform development and to execute custom integrations for diverse B2C and B2B customers. They tapped 3Pillar Global to deliver relevant, sticky user experiences with rich opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.


Positioning for enterprise growth and acquisition

Uniting expert product and data engineering, our development team configured and expanded the core platform, provided data integration, and operationalized product support, enabling rapid client integration onto the platform and decreasing time to value.

Over the years, 3Pillar has become a trusted advisor that works directly with end-clients to customize their platform integrations. Our work supported the client’s acquisition process and helped them win the business of a major airline, for whom we delivered a reservation system overhaul and new customer module release, giving the airline complete insight into their passenger behavior and travel history.


Flying to the future of loyalty experiences

3Pillar continues to facilitate trusted relationships via direct end-client engagement — increasing velocity, predictability, and configurability to scale with their demands.