Digital Experience Portal for P&C Insurer

A leading east-coast Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance provider with over 100 years in business engaged Chenoa, a 3Pillar Global Company, to drive and manage its digital transformation journey and revamp customer engagement by building a streamlined customer portal.


The client was challenged with assessing the viability of digital insurance products within an integrated system architecture. This challenge hindered the client from enabling enhanced, robust web experiences for their customers and meeting the expectations of modern insurance buyers.


In response to these challenges, Chenoa developed a comprehensive solution for the client. The primary component was an updated customer portal, the digital engagement layer, facilitating the end-to-end customer experience across all stages of a policyholder’s journey. Chenoa leveraged Unqork for this initiative, taking advantage of the platform’s flexibility and ease of styling to reduce time to market.

Key features included claims, FNOL, digital signature, policy documents and details, presented to the policyholder in a streamlined, accessible interface. Finally, the portal facilitated seamless payments via popular methods.


The new customer portal drove outcomes for the client in two areas: modernization and scalability. By leveraging Unqork as a unified customer experience platform, the policyholder was not exposed to multiple systems and interfaces. This has helped transform the customer experience into a modern, scalable customer portal allowing them to buy across multiple product lines.

The customer portal not only addressed the immediate challenges but also positioned the P&C insurance provider as a forward-thinking entity, ready to meet the digital expectations of modern customers. This transformation aligned seamlessly with the company’s legacy of adaptability and customer-centric service, ensuring a continued legacy of excellence in the insurance industry.