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Vikas Kukreti is working as a Technical Lead in Development Engineering at 3Pillar Global. Vikas has 9 years of database design, ETL, DWH, AWS, development and Data Science experience. He has database architecture experience in areas such as ETL, Data warehousing, Oracle Database, Hadoop, Hive, and Data Modeling. He has strong knowledge of Big Data, Data Science and Cloud Computing. Vikas is passionate about big data technology and Data Science, especially Hadoop and MongoDB. Vikas is a graduate of Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU), India, and is a keen reader of classic novels and a movie freak.

Cloud Migration: How to Go from an On-premises Database to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) with No Downtime

Introduction: When it comes to database migration to the cloud, clients/companies want minimal downtime and want the migration to happen during off-time.  This requires lots of planning and migration strategies. It requires analyzing the off-peak time of database usage and various architectural aspects. In this blog, I will try to explain how to migrate data… Read more »

High Availability and Automatic Failover in Hadoop

Hadoop in Brief Hadoop is one of the most popular sets of big data processing technologies/frameworks in use today. From Adobe and eBay to Facebook and Hulu, Hadoop is used by a wide range of companies for everything from machine learning and natural language processing to data analysis and ad optimization. It is now a… Read more »

Customer Segmentation Based on RFM

Introduction Retail stores constantly gather purchase history and demographic data from their customers. Machine learning algorithms could use this data to give decision makers key insights about their customers. These algorithms are divided into three categories: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. For this case study, we’ll be focusing on the first two. Supervised learning allows… Read more »

Data stories and MongoDB

There is a lot of fuss in the software development space about big data nowadays. My question is, is it a technique and concept which is involved in capturing, storing, and manipulating large amounts of data, or is the more to big data than that? We superfluously talk about data preserving, which means storing historic… Read more »