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Vikas Hajela is a Technical Manager for 3Pillar Global and has 14+ years of experience in the IT Services industry. He has been involved in the delivery of IT Strategies, Solution Architectures, Mission Critical and High-Visibility Applications, Enterprise SOA and Integrations, and Application Security Implementations, among others. He has also consulted customers on Application Security, Portals, Content Management, and Cloud Integration. Vikas has a passion for identifying the needs of the Enterprise in context of the larger strategy and ecosystem, and spearheading solutions that are holistic and leverage a broad multidisciplinary approach. He delights in designing solutions that balance the tactical needs of the project with the long term benefits to the enterprise.

Fluent Validation: Passing Custom Error Code Along with Validation Messages

Fluent Validation is one of the most popular validation frameworks that enables developers to apply code validation rules in a fluent manner with support of standard models. In contrast to many modern validation approaches where the rules are declaratively mixed up with the models themselves using attributes (or annotations), Fluent Validation very firmly separates the models… Read more »

Mitigation Strategies to Address IT Security Risks

“Sony Corp’s Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai speaks at a news conference to apologize for a massive security breach of its Playstation Network in Tokyo,” May 1, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Kim “Hackers have stolen more than 225,000 Apple accounts from iPhone customers,” CNNMoney (New York), September 1, 2015 “2014 cost of a data breach: Average $3.5… Read more »