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Victor Adascalitei

Technical Lead

Back in 2011, before the concept of MOOC even existed, Victor was one of the very first students both of Peter Norvig’s and Sebastian Thrun’s “General AI” course and of Andrew Ng.’s “Machine Learning” lessons. Fast forward a couple of years and, after co-starting a mobile-app service startup, he joined 3Pillar Global in 2018 as an Android Developer. He’s currently a 3Pillar Tech Lead working with Voice skills and involved in various community gatherings (internal or otherwise) with a focus on AI methodologies and solutions. In his spare time he likes reading science articles and studies philosophy.

AI as a Framework/Mindset

[Throughout this post we use AI to mean a particular type of machine-learning (ML) algorithms called Deep Neural Networks – DNNs for short. This is currently the most lucrative domain of research both academically and financially.] Let’s face it, if you’re following AI nowadays, not a week goes by in which you don’t hear of… Read more »