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Anthony (Tony) Orlando leads sales, marketing, and sales operations at 3Pillar Global. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Tony served in various executive roles at CA Technologies leading business transformation initiatives and driving growth. While at CA, he most recently served as SVP & GM North American Channel and Mid-Market. Additional roles included SVP & GM Eastern U.S. and SVP Solution Sales Wily Technology North America. Tony also served in leadership roles at NetApp, Strategic Technologies and The Allied Group, building and leading pre-sales, business development, professional services, and consulting organizations.

DevOps Cultures Require Change Leadership

“DevOps isn’t a role or organization, it is a Culture!” I was fortunate to have coffee last Friday with a CTO of a multinational mass media corporation based in New York. We covered a lot of different topics like innovation, digital disruption and time to market, but he got really passionate when we entered the… Read more »

DevOps: Is There One Definition?

Is there one definition of DevOps? In short the answer is NO! DevOps may be the hot buzzword of 2015. However, as I shared in my previous post, DevOps is as much a cultural and mindset shift as it is anything else. It simply cannot be bought off the shelf and implemented. Wikipedia currently defines… Read more »

DevOps: The Latest IT Threat (and Opportunity)

Since the dawn of computing, we have built our data centers and IT organizations to deliver highly available compute power and services. The top priority was to avoid any and all actions that introduced risk to these systems and their associated business services — simply Never Ever Bring The Systems Down! This risk averse mantra… Read more »

Partnering Breeds Success: Cisco Buys Sourcefire for $2.7B!

In an acquisition reminiscent of the dotcom era, it was announced last week that Cisco is buying Sourcefire for $2.7B! Sourcefire isn’t the first 3Pillar Global client to be acquired this year. In the first quarter, Oracle closed its acquisition of Eloqua at a value of $871M. Also announced in the first quarter was IHS’s… Read more »

Very Good Things Come to Those Who Partner to Innovate

Word broke last week that networking giant Cisco was acquiring the Maryland-based cyber-security firm Sourcefire, (disclosure, a 3Pillar Global client), for $2.7 billion in cash. That’s a staggering valuation for a company that didn’t exist at the turn of the millennium. In its press release announcing the Sourcefire acquisition, Cisco mentioned convergent trends like mobility,… Read more »

Decisions for a Digital World – Build, Buy or Partner?

Senior executives and boards are demanding top-line revenue growth. They insist on leveraging innovative and emerging technologies to monetize data and information to attract and serve their customers more effectively. Software is now becoming the product. But as I’ve previously written on the subject, legacy organizational approaches are hindering the ability to tap into this… Read more »

Innovation – Helping CIOs Get Beyond the Buzzword

“We need more INNOVATION!” I hear that so often from the companies I talk to every week. Of course every organization really does need more innovation, but too often it’s an empty buzz word with little or no follow through, with nothing substantial behind it. When you listen carefully, what these companies really are saying… Read more »