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Sujata Nangwaria

Quality Assurance Engineer II

Sujata Nangwaria is a Quality Assurance Engineer II in 3Pillar Global’s Noida office. She has 3 and a half years of experience in software testing and likes to work with manual testing and accessibility testing. She has extensive knowledge in using various assistive technologies, including WCAG Standard 2.0, the Texas guidelines, and Section 508. Sujata also has experience in the mobile financial and healthcare domains, and is always trying to gain more knowledge of the best practices in software testing.

An Introduction to Localized Testing

The world we live in has hundreds of languages written and spoken. For many languages, there are multiple locale variants that are popular around the globe. The same is true within the world of internet and software; people are interacting with each other in more languages than we can imagine. Here is a list of the… Read more »

An Introduction to Exploratory Testing

Curiosity is an inherent trait of humans and so all of us, from the greatest to the simplest minds, explore. We explore from Windows to Mac, from beaches to mountains, from indoor games to outdoor games, from new mobile phones to new software, from Black box to white box testing; we also explore code to… Read more »