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Sabin Pilipautanu

Engineering Manager

Sabin Pilipautanu is an Engineering Manager in 3Pillar’s Cluj, Romania office, and the head of our quality assurance competency center. As Engineering Manager, Sabin is responsible for collaborating with all members of our software development teams, including software architects, developers, and quality assurance testers. He works with our clients to help formulate and plan major software development initiatives into version release plans then oversees development of those development projects in an agile development environment. As head of 3Pillar’s quality assurance competency center, Sabin is responsible for establishing corporate best practices for software testing across a variety of platforms. This includes implementing best practices and conducting training for test strategy, test planning, mobile testing, test case design and reporting, and automated testing. Sabin has a BS in Mathematics from Liceul Teoretic Ion Luca Vatra Dornei in Romania.

Mobile – iOS Automated Testing with Frank

Frank is an automated acceptance testing framework for iOS applications that’s based on Cucumber. This blog post is meant to provide iOS developers with a mini-tutorial on setting up Frank as an automated acceptance testing framework for iOS applications . Below, I’ll summarize all the information necessary to set up and write tests in Frank. Introduction… Read more »

Mobile Testing: Automated Testing for Android with Robotium

Robotium is a test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android applications so test developers don’t need any further information about the Android app’s structure or implemented classes. All they need is the name of the main class and the path that links to it…. Read more »

5 Rules to the Road For Test Planning in Agile

In the traditional waterfall methodology of software development, there is an emphasis on defining detailed requirements of a software product before proceeding on to the design phase, which includes application design and test planning. Since the requirements of the expected product are well known up front when following the waterfall methodology, it is possible to… Read more »