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Sunil Param is a Lead Content Writer at 3Pillar Global. He brings with him over 12 years of work experience, having worked in diverse industry verticals including IT, Media, Online B2B and Customer Service. In his own words, he strives to be a merchant of ‘Wow’ by putting in his 100% in everything he does and standing tall on the integrity front. He is an avid blogger and fuels his passion for writing by maintaining his personal website with no outside support. Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, Sunil has worked with ‘The Times Group’, India’s largest media conglomerate with over 175 years of existence. He has also worked for Indiamart, India’s largest online B2B marketplace.

Employing Big Data to Drive Big Results

International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading market intelligence provider, put out a recent forecast that projects the global big data services market to reach an astounding $23.8 billion by 2016. From social media interactions to Point of Sale (POS) transactions, e-commerce statistics, and more, there is a voluminous amount of data available for companies to… Read more »

Augmented Reality and the Future of Commerce

Of the many emerging technologies that have been the object of much hype in the last several years, the one with perhaps the greatest potential to change the way we interact with the physical universe through devices is augmented reality. Augmented reality can best be defined as a real-time graphical overlay of a user’s visual… Read more »

What to Expect from the Intersection of Healthcare and IT

As can be seen from the graphical representation of the World Bank data below, healthcare expenditure per capita in the United States has steadily increased over the years. In 2011, U.S. healthcare spending per person shot up to $8,608 per year. Health expenditure per capita (current US$) Data from World Bank Here is another statistic:… Read more »

Big Data – Finding New Areas of Application

There is no denying the fact that today the buzz around big data is earsplitting. Organizations (both private and public) are reconsidering their data management approaches in the light of rapid advancements in emerging technologies such as Apache Hadoop, an open source big data technology. Today, these data-driven decisions are helping businesses revamp their product… Read more »

Innovation, Customer Feedback & The Future of BlackBerry

If the incredible twists and turns of recent years in the mobile industry suggest anything, it is this: companies that don’t continue to innovate and listen to their customers will get left in the dust. Once considered infallible, handset makers like Nokia and BlackBerry are struggling mightily to survive. Apple and Samsung, on the other… Read more »

Proprietary vs. Open Software – The Pros and Cons Explored

OS – Windows vs. Linux Browser– Internet Explorer vs. Mozilla Firefox Office Suite– Microsoft Office vs. OpenOffice Web CMS – DotNetNuke vs. Drupal And the list goes on… The debate surrounding proprietary software and open software seems to be an unending one. Opinions seem to be divided, as you will find fans and critics of… Read more »

New Era of Biometric Enabled Intelligence for Smartphones

The confluence of biometrics and mobile software development has ushered in an era that brings new possibilities for technology to impact our lives. Biometrics-enabled applications and devices that are compatible with, embedded in, or transmit data to smartphones are one of the next areas with vast potential to watch for as mobile phones make the… Read more »