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Software Engineer

Sparsh Khandelwal is a Software Engineer at 3Pillar Global. He has experience in .NET technology and iOS application development in Objective C. Sparsh is a graduate from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. He is an avid reader and loves to spend his time reading novels.

iOS: CoreLocation Framework and Beacon Detection

Beacon technology is one of the exciting technologies that have enabled location awareness possibilities for apps. Because of the increasing popularity of the technology, iBeacon was introduced, which extends CoreLocation Framework in iOS for beacon detection using monitoring and ranging. The signals from a beacon can now be monitored using any iOS device that supports… Read more »

Beacon Technology in Event Check-In Process

Beacon technology is one of the many new technologies that has percolated in various aspects of our lives. People are coming up with several new applications of the technology from every nook and cranny across the world. Although beacon technology was considered to be ideal for retailers only, it has swiftly made its way across… Read more »