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Sayantam Dey

Senior Director Engineering

Sayantam Dey is the Senior Director of Engineering at 3Pillar Global, working out of our office in Noida, India. He has been with 3Pillar for ten years, delivering enterprise products and building frameworks for accelerated software development and testing in various technologies. His current areas of interest are data analytics, messaging systems and cloud services. He has authored the ‘Spring Integration AWS’ open source project and contributes to other open source projects such as SocialAuth and SocialAuth Android.

Big Data and Machine Learning: Building a Recommendation Engine

In the previous blog on machine learning, we learnt about applying machine learning techniques to recommendation engines and an overview of collaborative filtering (CF) algorithms implemented in Apache Mahout. In this post, we’ll discuss how to build a recommendation engine using Mahout. Let us take an example of a movie rating application that allows users… Read more »