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Sandeep Tyagi

Senior Software Engineer

Sandeep Tyagi is a Senior Software Engineer for 3Pillar Global. He has 8 years of experience developing web and Windows applications using the .Net framework. He has worked in the finance, healthcare, and SCM domain, and has also worked on several JavaScript frameworks, including AngularJS, KnockoutJS, JQuery, and the Ionic Framework for Hybrid Mobile Apps. He has also worked on several service tools, such as Web services, WCF, and Web API.

When to Take a Hybrid Approach for Mobile App Development

We recently started working on the idea of developing a mobile app for one of our clients, and we faced a familiar question: whether to go with a native or hybrid mobile app. To help make the decision, we brainstormed the main requirements with our client and found them to be: A very limited time period for… Read more »