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Sachin Kalia is a Technical Lead at 3Pillar Global, working out of our office in Noida, India. He is Microsoft MVP which is the most prominent recognition from Microsoft for helping the community for free in learning technologies. He has expertise in building and working with high-performance teams delivering enterprise product. Sachin is a passionate blogger and speaker and loves to dive deep into trending technologies. His interest areas are .Net, Asp.Net, WebAPi, Microservices, Cognitive Services, Artificial Intelligence and Azure(Cloud). He loves swimming and playing cricket and table tennis and love traveling with friends and family.

Short Circuiting and Branching in .NET Core 1.1

Introduction Short circuiting and branching in .NET Core are key concepts to make an application sequential and provide more control over the response. The term middleware is used in a .NET Core application either to delegate a request to the next component in the pipeline or short circuit it. Middleware has some important aspects as shown below: It delegates… Read more »

Custom Service Dependency Injection in .Net Core 1.1

Introduction There are various ways to inject a dependency in MVC. Dependency injection is a technique used to pass the required dependency so that the desired action is performed. In this article, we will go through one of the key features of .Net Core as a custom service dependency injection in .Net Core 1.1, particularly… Read more »