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Ritu Sharma is a Content Writer at 3Pillar Global. Her responsibilities include writing and editing content for the company website and marketing collateral, working to boost the website’s SEO ranking, and contributing content for the company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

Apache Hadoop – A Rapidly Emerging Technology

The avalanche of data available today holds immense potential value for enterprises. Processed the right way, data can help gather invaluable insights, study trends, create innovative new products, and bring in measures to ward off competition. Analyzing complex sets of structured and unstructured data remains one of the biggest challenges in the big data realm…. Read more »

.NET: A Flexible Framework for Developing Web Applications

As most people who work in the software development world know, .NET is a Microsoft development framework used to deliver web-based software solutions. What’s less widely known unless you’ve been utilizing .NET of late is that in 2012, Microsoft released a number of updated development tools and frameworks that further improve the suite of .NET… Read more »