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Ravindra Kumar Prajapati

Ravindra Kumar Prajapati

Senior Software Engineer

Ravindra Kumar Prajapati is a Senior Software Engineer at 3Pillar Global. He has worked on many Android mobile application development projects in the company, including projects like WorldCal (meeting scheduler) and Vriti (e-learning app). Prior to joining 3Pillar, Ravindra has worked with Ascent Software Services as a mobile application developer. He has gained extensive knowledge in mobile applications on Android, Blackberry and J2ME mobile operating systems.

Parcelable vs. Java Serialization in Android App Development

Android developers often face a predicament while passing object references to activities of whether to go with the Java Serialization method or opt for Android Parcelable. This blog is my attempt to compare the two techniques and cite an example to help decide which one of these is the best approach for passing an object… Read more »