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Senior consultant with extensive experience in architecting, designing, building, launching and maintaining enterprise web based application based primarily on Java technologies. Recently specializing in rich internet and mobile applications. Experienced technical coach and mentor in areas of software product development. Best practices evangelist (TDD, BDD, CI, XP, etc). Passionate advocate of open industry standards and open source software.

Java EE6 (CDI, EJB 3.1, JSF 2, Bean Validation) Spring, Seam 2/3 (contributor), JPA, Hibernate, Struts 2, JSF, RichFaces, PrimeFaces, AJAX/JavaScript – jQuery, ExtJS (Sencha), SproutCore, HTML5, PHP, Perl; MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server; Maven 2, Nexus, Archiva, Cruise control, Hudson, SVN, git, P4, atlassian suite; user experience, Release engineering and management, software architecture, Web Services/REST JBoss, Glassfish, Weblogic

Product Mindset In Practice

At Three Pillar, we are passionate advocates of the Product Mindset. We’ve been using the term for quite some time, but it may not be clear right away what it really means. In this article I will focus on the technical aspects of keeping the Product Mindset throughout the life of the software solution. Understand… Read more »