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Puneet Gupta

Engineering Manager

Puneet Gupta is an Engineering Manager at 3Pillar Global. For nearly 13 years, Puneet has passionately served global clients in building enterprise applications in Microsoft.NET, JAVA, iOS, and Android consumer applications. He is proficient with Project Management and Agile practices and is a Certified PMP practitioner. Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, Puneet had worked for various product and service based companies including HCL Technologies, Nucleus Software, and Capgemini Consulting.

How 3D Printing is Heralding the Third Industrial Revolution

Mankind has already witnessed two industrial revolutions that have improved human life way beyond our imaginations. While textile factories evolved from manual weavers and ushered us into the first industrial revolution, the second industrial revolution was said to have happened when the late Henry Ford mastered the technique of mass production and assembly lines. Today,… Read more »