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Pawan Mishra

Pawan Mishra

Pawan Mishra is a Senior Technical Lead at 3Pillar Global, working out of our office in Noida, India. He has expertise in building Java-based enterprise products. He likes learning new things and believes that there can never be an end to learning. His current areas of interest are data science, performance optimization, micro service/serverless design and architecture. He loves to spend his spare time reading literature and spiritual books.

Unified Interface for Microservice Registration and Discovery

As in typical monolithically-architectured applications, some applications are deployed over to application servers and statically registered with load balancers. But as we move towards microservices-based architectures, services may scale up and down based on certain pre-defined metrics or due to auto-scaling. This dynamic nature of service endpoint addresses is handled by service registration and discovery…. Read more »