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Olga Howard is UX Lead at Three Pillar Global where she helps clients with innovation, ideation, and product definition. She also helps guide the UX team in strategy and standards. Prior to joining Three Pillar Global Olga was an independent contractor who helped guide Marriott International’s Rewards program community strategy and product definition, helped MTV define their social network strategy and reputation economy, and was instrumental in helping the Department of Defense define their technical information portal that serves all branches of the military. Olga is active in the UX community and helps The UX Workshop and UXCamp DC succeed.

Innovation is Attainable at Great Speeds

When balancing product design ideation and a quick time-to-market implementation, it’s easy to think of innovation as unattainable. But that is not so. In fact, it’s quite possible to innovate deliver products to market at great speed, especially if we’re talking about software applications. The question that needs to be answered is not whether or… Read more »