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Module Lead Quality Assurance

Neha Tomar is a Module Lead Quality Assurance Engineer at 3Pillar Global. Neha brings with her vast experience in the Healthcare, E-Learning, e-Commerce and Pharmaceutical domains. She has experience of testing web and mobile applications using Manual testing and automation test tools. Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, she had worked for United Health Group and PureTesting.

Continuous Testing Using AWS Device Farm

In my previous post, we learned how to conduct Automated Mobile App Testing in Amazon Device Farm using the Appium Java TestNG framework. In this post, we will learn about continuous integration using the Amazon Device Farm. Automated tests can be scheduled in Jenkins to perform continuous testing using the Amazon Device Farm for each… Read more »

Automated Mobile App Testing in Amazon Device Farm

Amazon Device Farm (ADF) is an app testing service that facilitates testing and interaction with Android, iOS, and Web apps on real, physical phones and tablets. All of these devices are hosted by Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Device Farm can be used in two ways: Automated testing of Android, iOS, and Web apps using… Read more »

Accessibility Testing Tools and Techniques

Why Accessibility Testing Matters    With each passing day, the web is assuming greater significance in our lives, be it e-commerce, e-payments, Internet banking, e-paper, social media, etc. So it becomes important to make available all electronic and information technology tools to everyone, especially for people with some kind of disabilities. Web Accessibility testing ensures… Read more »