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Senior Technical Lead

Nitin Singh is a Senior Technical Lead at 3Pillar Global. He brings with him over 10 years of development and design experience in several competencies based around Microsoft technologies. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Nitin had worked with different organizations on multiple domains such as banking and media. At 3Pillar, Nitin has worked extensively on upcoming JavaScript frameworks and designing application frameworks. He is an ardent Agile evangelist and is focused on improving each aspect of SWOT pertaining to the subject. Besides application analysis and design, he also has interests in the field of robotics, photography, and numismatics.

The Benefits of Multi-Tenant Architecture

Product development is an ever-expanding endeavor. Starting with a simple idea targeting a niche user base, we gradually keep adding features to improve usability and adapting to continuously changing market requirements. If we are offering our product to a third-party that will then be offered to their consumers, we need to ensure that the product… Read more »

How Well Do You Resonate With Agile?

Agile as a set of values and principles has now been available for a long enough period that everyone seems to be incorporating it into their practices. However, in order to fully incorporate it, we need to know exactly what Agile stands for, in both letter and spirit. Once we understand Agile, we can figure… Read more »