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Neeraj is a Module Lead at 3Pillar Global. He has over 9 years of development and design experience in several competencies based around Microsoft technologies. At 3Pillar, Neeraj has extensively worked on applying various design logics and tools for application and database performance optimizations, as well as on unit testing enterprise applications using effective Fakes for proprietary data-sources. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Neeraj had worked with different organizations on multiple domains such as transport, food and supply, UIDAI, media, and courier tracking.

Microsoft Faking Framework for Unit/Integration Testing

What is the Faking Framework? The Microsoft Faking Framework is an isolation (mocking) framework that allows us to mock the static, sealed method without rewriting any implementation code. The mocking is primarily used in unit testing. An object under test may have dependencies on other (complex) objects; to resolve that dependency in unit testing, we… Read more »

Database Performance Optimization

Introduction Imagine a customer using your application to get to a product or service of interest. There would be huge amounts of data to process and/or multiple rules applied for helpful features like auto-suggest, comparisons and reviews. While designing such an application, if you have faced/facing any of the following pains, then you are not… Read more »