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Mihai Costin

Technical Lead

Mihai Costin is designated with 3Pillar Global as a Technical Lead. He brings with him over 10 years of programming experience, his core competency area being Java. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Mihai has worked closely with many European clients on projects ranging from Project Management tools to Document Processing solutions. At 3Pillar, Mihai has worked extensively on Big Data, distributed computing, data analysis, and visualization. He considers himself a learner for life and is continuously on the lookout to learn new technologies. Besides Java, his current areas of interest include Functional Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Tame the Machine Learning Beast With Apache Mahout

What is Apache Mahout Mahout is a Hindi word that refers to an elephant driver and it should be pronounced so that it rhymes with trout. The symbolism of the chosen name for the library should be obvious since the main intent is to provide scalable machine learning capabilities over Hadoop (whose mascot is an… Read more »