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Manish Kumar Sharma

Senior Technical Lead

Manish Kumar Sharma is a Senior Technical Lead at 3Pillar Global. Manish brings with him vast experience in the Oil and Gas, E-Learning, Media and Logistics domains. He has experience in Java and J2EE for web application development. Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, he had worked with both Wipro and Accenture in Java development.

Creating Infrastructure on the Cloud Using AWS CloudFormation

While working on digital media software a while ago, I came across a requirement to build the whole infrastructure (server, database, and others) to run on the cloud. All the required resources were also needed to be configured so that minimal manual intervention would be necessary to make the software available to the end users. We… Read more »

Single Sign-On Security: OpenAM and RDBMS Configuration

OpenAM is an open source platform developed by ForgeRock that provides a single sign-on feature. Many different platforms can be used for identity mapping, such as RDBMS, LDAP, etc. OpenAM also provides authentication through social networking site like Facebook, Google+, etc.  First of all, using OpenAM as Identity provider, we need to connect OpenAM with the database. Therefore,… Read more »