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Lindsay Kloepping

Lindsay Kloepping

Principal Product Manager

Lindsay Kloepping, PMP, PMI-ACP has more than 15 years of experience helping businesses effectively deliver their digital products-to-market. She works with global development teams and clients to develop product solutions that help companies compete in today’s digital economy.

Lindsay’s business acumen in product marketing and product management plus her technical expertise in Agile help leading companies design and develop solutions for their customers from the ground up. In addition to launching more than 15 products-to-market, Lindsay’s expertise transforms teams through product strategy and agile coaching.

Harnessing her passion for teaching and coaching, Lindsay is also a co-facilitator for 3Pillar Global’s Product Mindse workshops, which teach our innovative approach to software product development to others.

5 Questions to Kick-Start your Product Analytics Strategy

As you dive into product analytics and the wealth of information they provide, there are 5 key questions you need to ask yourself, as their answers will shape your overall strategy. Question 1:  Why are you considering an analytics strategy? Understanding what is driving your need to seek out an analytics strategy will help define… Read more »

How Can Storytelling Help Your Business?

Stories have been used for centuries to convey important information between generations. Entire cultural rituals were developed around the storytelling process. Scientific studies even support that we’re more engaged and likely to retain information if it’s told in story-form vs. bulleted points. In fact, after a presentation, 63% of attendees remembered the stories told, whereas… Read more »

Embrace the Product Mindset

Our first public Product Mindset Workshop was rife with interesting conversations and discussions. One common theme that emerged from these was a pretty basic question: “how do we start the cultural shift required to embrace the Product Mindset?” While the specifics will depend on the organization, I have a few brief recommendations on where you… Read more »

5 Key Takeaways from Our First Product Mindset Workshop

Sometimes, an idea or method is so ingrained in your company culture, it can be easy to forget it’s not really “the norm.” It’s the classic “can’t see the forest through the trees” analogy. While facilitating 3Pillar’s first public Product Mindset workshop, I realized that that’s exactly where I was – lost in the trees…. Read more »

How Do You Plan In An Agile Environment?

One of the biggest struggles with introducing a company to Agile development is the fact that we don’t sit down and plan every last detail up front. Don’t misunderstand that though. We do plan. We plan all the time actually – every two weeks in fact. What we don’t do (for reasons which I will… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

I’ve read day in the life type posts in the past and find them fascinating. I thought I’d start a short series of them from the product managers at 3Pillar. As no day for us is ever the same, I thought it would be a fun exercise to really see how broad our skill sets… Read more »