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Laura Zelenack

Business Analyst

Laura Zelenack is a Business Analyst (BA) and part of the Product Strategy Group at 3Pillar Global. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Laura was a lead Product Owner and BA for various back office applications in both the telecom and media industries. Laura started her career as an engineer and grew to understand the value of requirements that are both clear and flexible, eventually shifting her focus from developing code to working with engineers to providing comprehensive solutions. In the private sector, Laura can be found at choral concerts either listening to her daughter sing or watching her conduct her students.

A Business Analyst in an Agile World

Business Analysis is a set of skills that is the corner stone for a successful project no matter what methodology is being used. Business Analysis is…listening and interpreting Business Analysis is the art of listening, questioning, interpreting, and restating until you have a clear understanding of what your user really wants. Often what a user… Read more »