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Karoly Szanto

Technical Manager

Karoly Szanto is a Technical Manager at the Timisoara, Romania office of 3Pillar Global. He is a technically astute developer, with over six years of experience in the field of software development. A large part of his work involves working around cutting-edge technologies and delivering high-quality software.

Experience: Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, Karoly worked for almost 3 years in the capacity of a Software Developer with OCE Software, Timisoara. He has also worked extensively on research projects at the PitLab.

Education: Karoly is currently pursuing a Master’s in Software Engineering at the IT University of Copenhagen, specializing in Pervasive Computing.

MONARCA: A Shot In the Arm for Healthcare

The advent of the MONARCA self-assessment system is a significant shot in the arm for health care. It adds a whole new dimension to the way we perceive preventive health care management and the use of mobile applications to manage health care. It can be dubbed as a breakthrough innovation in health monitoring systems for… Read more »