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Software Engineer II

Khushboo Kaur is a Software Engineer II at 3Pillar Global. Her responsibility in the company is to develop Android Mobile Applications. She is a Sun Certified Java Professional and has proficiency in Java Language ranging from web applications, standalone desktop applications to mobile applications on Java and Android mobile operating systems. She has worked on projects like CSR (bluetooth and music based app), LiveGuide (ticketing and barcode scanning application) and has experience on Mobile Automation. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Khushboo has worked with one of India’s largest VAS companies in the Telecom sector where she has developed several mobile applications .

Android Application Testing Made Easy Using Robolectric

Every Android application, native or web browser based should have testing as an indispensable part of the project development. All aspects of the application from usability to dependency on external resources like GPS, SMS or network speed should be rigorously tested. There are many testing frameworks available which can help perform an exhaustive functional, performance,… Read more »

Testing With Ranorex – A Mobile Testing Automation Tool

If you are looking at intuitive software testing automation solutions, then Ranorex is a product worth trying. The GUI test automation framework of Ranorex is just about what you need to carry out professional and functional test automation. The product comes with a 30-day trial period, allowing QA Engineers to test different mobile applications including… Read more »

Mobile Automated Testing With Keynote Mobile Testing Part ii

Introduction Reliance on web based SaaS platforms can help developers and testers to enjoy an array of automation, monitoring and testing features. Keynote Mobile Testing is one such web based software that easily accesses many interconnected mobile phones and tablets on a network spread across various geo locations. The intuitive web based user interface design is… Read more »

Mobile Automated Testing With Perfecto Mobile Part i

Introduction The Perfecto MobileCloud is a completely web based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows mobile application developers and QA Engineers  to work with services like advanced automation, monitoring and testing services. It is the right tool in the hands of a mobile app tester to automate testing for mobile phone devices connected… Read more »