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SVP of Engineering

Jeff Nielsen is 3Pillar’s SVP of Engineering. In this role, he oversees the delivery of technology services to all 3Pillar clients. Jeff is responsible for all development processes in the company and manages numerous global client-based engineering teams.

Prior to 3Pillar, Jeff was the CTO and SVP of Delivery at the Santeon Group, where he ran their global software development initiatives and their agile coaching practice. At Santeon he provided executive-level coaching to federal agencies and Fortune 100 commercial clients making large-scale transitions to agile. As Head of Engineering at TrapWire for three years, he oversaw more than 50 production releases of the company’s flagship SaaS product. Jeff was also Vice President/Chief Scientist at Digital Focus, pioneering their use of agile methods in early 2001. Jeff has worked with a number of organizations – from startups to multibillion-dollar firms – over the course of more than a decade to help them improve their software development processes.

Jeff holds M.S. and M.A.Ed. degrees in Computer Science and Instructional Technology from Virginia Tech and a Bachelors in Music from BYU.

Agile Software Development Best Practices: Iteration Reviews

It is common for agile teams to hold a meeting on the last day of each iteration in order to be accountable to their stakeholders for the work accomplished during that iteration. Scrum calls this meeting the “Sprint Review.” Other common names are “Sprint Demo” or “Iteration Review.” Run well, the Iteration Review has the… Read more »

Agile Software Development Best Practices: Retrospectives

As the word suggests, a retrospective is a meeting where a team steps back and examines how it is doing. Retrospectives are common to nearly every agile approach I know. Even one of the simplest agile methodologies –“Crystal Clear” – includes retrospectives as one of its 3 practices. (The other two are sitting together and… Read more »