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Dorel Matei

Senior Technical Lead

Dorel Matei is a Senior Technical Lead at 3Pillar Global and the Head of our Java Competency Center. Dorel has been working in the Java space for the last 10 years acquiring broad and deep skills in a wide spectrum of Java technologies with a focus on the server-side. He joined 3Pillar Global more than four years ago, being involved from the very begining in assesing, architecting and building business intelligence systems for the following clients: Razorsight, Centrifuge, LogicTree, Intersections, and Moreover. Currently his main technical interests are distributed systems, service oriented architecture, and design in big data environments with Hadoop and NoSQL.

Leading the 3Pillar Java Competency Center is another challenge in his day-to-day work, where he is focusing on defining development best practices and providing technical guidance in critical projects, also fostering global collaboration and a uniform engineering approach across all 3Pillar delivery centers.

Getting From Requirements to Product Architecture

From my experience I can tell you that it is not easy to create a successful architecture for a brand new system in an environment where you deal with rapidly-changing requirements and all sorts of constraints. The purpose of this post is to explain the steps I normally take in projects to evolve from requirements… Read more »

Big Data and CQL: Working With Semi-Structured Data in Cassandra

Looking back at databases’ technology evolution, we realize that SQL did such a good job in the industry that the mindset of application developers and technical managers is so locked in this paradigm that now it is quite hard to adopt “alternative” technologies. There is a tendency to impose reliable databases (“oldies but goodies”) used… Read more »