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Brian Oh is a Product Manager at 3Pillar Global. He has successfully launched several products ranging from large scale SaaS products to quick turnaround iOS and Android applications. Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, Brian was heavily involved in the Federal Government sector with Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, CGI Federal, and Ernst & Young for the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Administrative Offices of the US Courts, and Veteran Affairs, respectively.

Addressing a Problem, Not Pushing Technology

“How can we use the Apple Watch?” “How can we leverage NFC?” “Let’s do something with Apple Health!” These are questions or comments that I hear from clients, friends, prospective clients, etc. All of these individuals want to start with a particular technology and find the solution it solves. This is the proverbial “square peg… Read more »

Apple Watch: Game-Changer, or Failure to Launch?

*NOTE: I use Apple products in my everyday life. I have MacBook Pros at home and at work. I have the iPhone5s and cannot function without my iPad at home. I also came from an Android phone prior to switching to the iPhone5s. This blog is an unbiased view of what I think the market… Read more »

Apple Health vs. Google Fit – The Tale of the Tape

The stage has been set for a heavyweight battle: Apple Health vs. Google Fit. Two juggernauts are about to square off to vie for control of an already-saturated health monitoring and mobile fitness market. The only problem with the showdown is that it’s really not an Apple vs. Google fight; the two companies currently have… Read more »

DevOps and Continuous Delivery – The Future of Software Development

Software development has undergone a quantum leap in the last decade as the software development community has largely shifted from the traditional waterfall models of the past to the lean and agile methodologies of today.  While the sequential design approach of the waterfall model still has some supporters, today’s rapidly evolving business climate all but… Read more »

New Year’s Resolution: Cleaning Up My Product Backlog

An overgrown backlog. It’s something all growing product companies and agile development teams eventually face. As a product begins taking shape and users begin adopting it, you end up recording more enhancements, bugs, and new functionality. It is a great problem to have, right? That means people are using it and accepting your product. The… Read more »

Just in Time Product Development

“If you ain’t first, you’re last” In today’s economy, everyone is looking to be the first-to-market, because the general thought is, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” While I agree that first-to-market is important, it is what the product is comprised of that makes or breaks it. More often than not, first-to-market for many new… Read more »