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Strategic Product Consulting

Alok Jain provides strategic product consulting to one of 3Pillar’s large healthcare clients. Prior roles at 3Pillar include Director of Product & Technology Strategy and Director of User Experience + Design. He has 20 years of experience designing and building software products. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Alok worked with a startup where he designed and managed two SaaS products. Before that he worked with organizations like the FCC and The World Bank and helped build one of the largest User Experience Design competency centers in India. His work ranges from very large and complex solutions, such as designing a user experience framework for the entire World Bank Intranet, to working with startups and taking ideas from napkin diagram to successful launches and growth. He has spoken at events like The Internet Summit and International Disability Conference. Alok is passionate about building great and innovative products that help improve people’s lives.

Finding New Market Opportunities

Have you heard of the boiling frog syndrome? It goes like this: If you put a live frog in boiling water, it’ll jump out. But if you put a frog in regular water and then warm it up, it’ll get comfortable and slowly cook and die. It doesn’t realize that the environmental forces are changing… Read more »

Six Focus Areas for Product Leaders

I have been an entrepreneur as well as worked with several entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers and often the vision is so clear that they are convinced that their solution or the product will become successful because the value proposition is so clear. The reality is different. It takes a ton of work and it’s… Read more »

Design: More Than Just a Pretty Face

“Design” is a term that seems to have taken the world by storm in the last decade. Much of this obsession with design can be traced back, in my opinion, to Apple’s wild success and Steve Jobs’ well-documented attention to every minute detail of Apple’s products. Designers like Apple’s Jony Ive are the new rock… Read more »

The New User Experience Design of iOS7

Apple showcased a re-design of their mobile operating system on June 10. There is a lot of discussion in the industry and as one can imagine, there are people who feel positively about the changes and those that don’t. However with this design update, Apple is re-evaluating its entire design language. To help ease the… Read more »