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Abhy Nadar

Senior Architect

Abhy Nadar is a Senior Architect for 3Pillar Global. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry implementing solutions based on Microsoft technologies. He also has over 9 years of experience in architecting solutions in Enterprise applications. In his role, he guides his team on architecture patterns like microservices, cloud-based architecture, SOA, and a monolithic approach to development. In 2014, Abhy won the 3Pillar Global “Employee of the Year” award.

Is Mobile Automation Testing Right For You?

In the fast paced software development industry, mobile automation testing has become indispensable. The real value of mobile automation testing is realized when the development team can progress at a rapid pace, without the fear of breaking existing features. Such automation tests free developers to carry out refactoring confidently without fear. Testing in the world… Read more »

The Road to Front-End Testing

In today’s world of software development, it is essential to test every aspect of the software you’re building. Front-end testing has grown in prominence, so much so that it has its own set of frameworks and libraries for testing. The road to front-end testing involves making many decisions, especially around testing frameworks, tools, and libraries… Read more »