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BlackArrow, a cross-platform advertising provider, needed an experienced team to help them build an advanced analytics platform for collecting and managing audience data.


After working with 3Pillar Global to design and implement their CARFAX for Dealers apps, the company teamed up with us to turn their web-based consumer application into CARFAX Reports apps for iPhone and Android, as well as to build myCARFAX apps for both platforms.


Expanding their business internationally, Equinox needed to ensure their systems could go the distance. They chose 3Pillar to step in and help train and cultivate a sound QA team. But it didn’t stop there. A short period of time later, Equinox grew their 3Pillar team to take on roles in web and enterprise application development.

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Liv-ex needed a development partner that could optimize their online wine trading system and could support the rapid growth of their business but also keep pace with the evolving digital landscape.


PBS knew they needed an advanced development team in order to meet their business goals and improve content distribution. After other outsourcing approaches didn’t measure up, PBS turned to 3Pillar for guidance in establishing an internal product development team capable of understanding their needs and building to scale.


Sapienza needed a product development partner they could trust to deliver due to the sensitivity of their business and the millions of dollars riding on the successful, on-time launch of satellites.



The Media and Entertainment space has encountered unparalleled upheaval due to the advent of mobile technologies, the increase in broadband capabilities, and the lowered barrier to entry for quality content creation. Through working with broadcasting companies like PBS, advanced advertising providers like BlackArrow, and one of the UK's largest TV conglomerates, our teams have gained invaluable insight into what it takes to build successful products in an ever-changing Media and Entertainment landscape.

financial services

The only constant for financial services companies in this day and age is change. Changing consumer demands, an ever-evolving regulatory environment, and the changing nature of the way we buy and sell products make for the perfect storm for disruption. Our work with an array of Financial Services companies - from Capital One and CMSI to one of the largest providers of banking and payments technology in the US - gives us unique insight into the software product needs of financial institutions and their customers.


Having information in abundance is no problem for companies in an era where big data reigns supreme. Knowing what to do with that information and surfacing it so that it provides value to consumers is a far trickier proposition. Whether they're billion dollar companies like CARFAX, innovative online marketplaces and settlement platforms like Liv-ex, or customizable software solutions like Sapienza, we work with leaders in the Information Services space to rapidly bring software products to market that monetize valuable data and information.


Rapid advancements in the health and wellness space means that there are huge opportunities - and huge risks - for companies looking to navigate the current minefield of health care providers, government agencies, and established institutions. Our clients range from major pharmaceuticals companies and healthcare & insurance IT companies, to cutting edge fitness companies and content provider networks like Valencell and Remedy Health Media that are changing the way we live and the way we manage our personal health care.